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Lega Alta is a professional supplier of nickel alloys, welding materials, flexible pipe systems, and polyurethane products of various strength and performance. Our company offers any nickel alloys, including those intended for rubber, rubber tape, heating element, welding materials, as well as pure forged nickel and heat / corrosion resistant materials. Wires are our key product category. We can also supply bars and strips in most nickel alloys and even any exotic nickel alloys. We have a wide range of wires made of resistant alloys.

We are proud of our excellent customer service and are constantly looking for ways to improve our manufacturing process, products and services to meet customer needs.

We focus on supplying specialized nickel alloys and flexible piping systems. We cooperate with various clients in many industries.

We are experts in understanding requirements of our customers and work with you to meet your needs. Our products are offered at very competitive prices, and together we can reduce your costs and improve overall solution.

Having a wide product portfolio and extensive contacts all over the world, we are constantly updating our market knowledge, so that your solutions are always relevant. Our product portfolio is constantly updated, and we offer you unique access to millions of tests and inspections.

All this gives you a huge advantage. You just send us your request. Then we select our best factory, optimal price and shipment, and send you an official quote in a very short period of time. You can place an order, expedite dispatch or even send payment for your goods, as well as all the time avoid transfer fees and language problems associated with international transactions.