Lega Alta is a leading supplier of rolled products of precision alloys, special heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant steels, as well as products made of them. Lega Alta offers a wide range of products for machine-building industry, metallurgy, instrument engineering, oil and gas industry, chemical, mining, and many other industries.


slide alloys

Nickel alloys are often required in complex applications, where corrosion and thermal resistance are demanded. Nickel and nickel alloys comprise: various types of pure nickel, binary alloys Ni-Cu, Ni-Si or Ni-Mo, ternary alloys, Ni-Cr-Fe, Ni-Cr-Mo etc. and superalloys.


We supply:

  • Electrical resistance alloys
  • Welding consumables and thermal spray coatings
  • Heat resistant / corrosion-resistant alloys
  • Pure wrought nickel
  • Precision alloys


Product form and supply condition







Ø 0.2 - 12.0 mm

Solid wire
Stranded wire

• Calibrated
• Hard drawn
• Soft annealed
• Bright annealed / Oxidized

Ø 2.0 - 60.0 mm
Length up to 6,000 mm

Tolerances h9-h12 ISO 286-2

• Hot rolled
• Cold drawn
• Peeled and turned
• Polished

Thickness from 2.5 to 5.0 mm
Width up to 100.0 mm

• Hot rolled
• Cold rolled



slide hoses

- High-pressure corrugated metal hoses

We supply bellow type sealed high-pressure corrugated metal hoses with end fittings of any types in accordance with DIN, ASME and customer’s requirements.

Nominal diameter (DN)

6 – 1,000 mm

Working pressure (PN)

From vacuum to 440 bars (for DN 6)

Test pressure (PT)

1.25 × PN;

1.5 × PN;

As per customer’s specification

Media temperature

From -196°С to +600°С

Ambient temperature

Up to +1650 °С

Vibrations resistance

Up to 2000 Hz


- PTFE hoses

PTFE (tephlon) hoses are supplied in FR type braid made of stainless steel and with end fittings in accordance with GOST, DIN, ASME or customer’s individual requirements.

Nominal diameter (DN)

4 – 40 mm

Working pressure (PN)

Up to 360 bars (for DN12)

Test pressure (PT)

1.25 × PN;

1.5 × PN;

As per customer’s specification

Media temperature

From -60°С to +185°С



Nominal diameter, (DN), mm

25 – 1200

Working pressure (PN), bar

From vacuum up to 75 bars (for DN 25)

Test pressure (PT), bar

1.5 × PN or according to customer’s specifications

Media temperature, °С

From -196°С to +550 °С

We offer a wide range of bellow expansion joints for reliable and durable piping systems. VZM manufactures bellow expansion joints in accordance with international standards and customer’s specification.


komp 1 min

Axial expansion joints to compensate axial displacements


komp 2 min

To absorb displacements in all planes


komp 3 min

To absorb angular displacements


komp 4 min

To absorb lateral movements

Pressure balanced

komp 5 min

To absorb various movements without transferring pressure thrust to a pipework

Special solutions

komp 6 min

Designs as per customer’s specification



 slide poly

We supply a wide range of products made of polyurethane for use in mining, engineering, petrochemical, and many other industries.

Industrial products of polyurethane have special strength and wear resistance properties. They are widely used under heavy loads in industrial production, in particular, for operation in corrosive environments.

We specialize in comprehensive offers for industrial consumers. Using our design capabilities, you can meet your needs and get a comprehensive solution to your problems.